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Scared Shiftless @ Haunted Wrigley Field w/ Ben Sabin

October 28, 2022 BaseballBiz - Ben Sabin visits Mark Episode 170
BaseballBiz On Deck
Scared Shiftless @ Haunted Wrigley Field w/ Ben Sabin
Show Notes

Baseball writer Ben Sabin joins BaseballBiz this week & shares haunting tales from Wrigley Field & beyond

  • Charlie Grimm “Jolly Chollie” & his ghostly bullpen calls
  • Who is buried in a left field private box?
  • Cubs were swept by Yankees in 1932 World Series
  •  Yankees swept in 2022 ALCS
  • Harry Caray apparition @ Wrigley & Field of Dreams
  • Chicago Cubs & the 71 year Billy Goat curse
  • Nick Sianis - Billy Goat Tavern
  • Cleveland curse with Rocky Colavito
  • Haunted Hotels
  • Renaissance Vinoy in St. Pete, Florida 
  • The Translucent Man & the White Lady haunt the baseball guest
  • Pfister in Milwaukee
  • A dark Tropicana Field cans send chills down the spine
  • Shrieks & Boo's from ghastly Yankees fans
  • Will Aaron Judge be boo'ed to San Francisco & join the land of the Giants wearing Halloween Orange & Black
  • Buster Posey Jersey appears in Judge's Home
  • Ghosts of Maris Jr continues to appear
  • Dodgers & Yankees ghosted this season
  • Scared Shiftless & Larger Bases - 2023 rules
  • 2020 World Series - Game 6
  • Kevin Cash - Blake Snell  & The 5 stages of 2020 grief for Tampa Bay Rays

Ben Sabin, knowledgeable baseball writer and dedicated fan can be found at
Twitter @b_e_sabin
Instagram:   b.e.sabin
Thanks Ben for sharing your Wrigley Haunting stories.

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